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Ascent Magazine 2016 - Views from our digital future

Views from our digital future

This new forward-looking and thought provoking edition of Ascent magazine explores the idea of digitalization and looks ahead to the unexpected opportunities that await businesses and consumers on this digital journey.

Embark here on a compelling journey into the future to explore how digital technology will transform the world in which we live and work!

The magazine reveals in 12 in-depth articles how digital is touching all areas of our life and examines the four key transformation challenges that will face any business seeking to make digital a second nature: Business reinvention, Customer Experience, Operational Excellence and Trust & Compliance.

We hope you will enjoy the read and enjoy the journey ahead!


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Ascent Magazine - Promises from a Converging World

A magazine into the future of our ever-more connected planet

This Ascent magazine sets out how the years ahead will see era-defining change in the global technology landscape, further impacting the way we all connect, live and do business.

It includes articles and views from business leaders, academia and the Atos Scientific Community. Each of the stories in this magazine can tell us something about the world that awaits us all.





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