Smart Dashboard – The Business Enabler

Smart Dashboard – The Business Enabler (2/3)

Every company function faces the challenge of using many different applications to perform either their job, either their side-job activities, as developed by Sven Geerts here. The tooling landscape became more complex in the last decade as every company department developed new applications to ease their processes.

In the long-run, this complexity has side-effects and sometimes opposite effects: frustration, boredom, loss of focus and waste of time. These are due to multiple facts: the understanding of the use of every tool is not clear; the assumption that these tools are user-friendly hints that training is not needed; the need to login multiple times and sometimes with different credentials which cause waste of time and loss of concentration for the end-user; etc.

As a member of the Juniors Group (Atos international young talents’ group), and of the Global Procurement organization at Atos, I could witness that such complexity also has business and financial risks, which are difficult for companies to measure, but real.

Huge financial benefits could be done by simplifying and accelerating approval processes. Answering to this critical functional need, the Smart Dashboard is the concept which would enable process optimization, enhancing visibility and transparency.

Through the Dashboard, travels, purchase orders or hiring requests can be reviewed and approved more quickly and more smoothly. On one hand, it removes stress for the requester who can manage better his timelines and can dedicate himself to his business activities. On the other hand it allows savings for the organization, as it benefits from better prices and avoids penalties. In Atos, I can see not only the benefits of such a tool internally, but also the added value for our customers.

With this customized tooling overview, a key advantage will be to help doing one thing at a time. It is known that focusing on one activity at a time increase one’s productivity. Being “smart”, the Dashboard would collect all your business activities within one view, it enables the end user to decide quickly on critical business tasks.

In the end, the Smart Dashboard provides a bridge to every application and help end-users a facilitated access to every department’s business needs. Hence this must boost cross-functional awareness and understanding. We expect high reduction of business interruption due to missed information.

The Juniors Group believes the Smart Dashboard would be a great tool to equip every organization with: this integrated dashboard would provide an increased productivity and an increased employee satisfaction.

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About Helene Marot

Helene is Communication Manager within Global Procurement. With direct reporting to the CPO, she manages all communications of Global Procurement Function, making sure its role/SOW is clear to every Atos employee and aligning Global/Local procurement teams in ONE team so that it achieves together excellence. Helene is also a proud member of the Atos Juniors Group, an international, cross-functional network of young talents participating in a dedicated curriculum and exciting projects that contribute to Atos' global business performance.