What is your future in this ultra-connected world?

What is your future in this ultra-connected world?

Atos What is your future in this ultra-connected world?Do you sometimes feel you have become a mobile device yourself? I do!

The minute I wake up, or even while I am a sleep, I have already been active and connected in multiple ways…with my phone, with my ultra fridge, my running shoes with sensors and even my car … it feels I have shifted from sporadic interactions with a device into a constant state of connectivity with all around me, being one of the billions of connected devices in this hyperconnected world. But it will be obvious that me, you, ie. the connected humans or hypersapien, are getting in the minority of Internet users. According to industry forecasts, the number of networked, connected devices overtook the global population in 2011 and will reach 15 billion connected devices as early as 2015 (Intel‘s projection in 2009).

So what does that mean?

The outcome for our ultra-connected world might not necessarily be Big Brother, but it might not be far off either. What is certain is that I, you and the connected humans or hypersapiens are becoming the minority of internet users, will remain at the center of all this technological change. Each of the stories in the new Ascent magazine ´Promises of a converging world´ can tell us something about the world that awaits us all.

What is your future in this ultra-connected world?

About Dorien Wamelink

The technology and business landscape are changing at an unprecedented speed. We need to keep thinking ahead, to anticipate coming challenges and to work with our clients and society at large to help them power progress. I am looking after Ascent – the thought leadership program within Atos, designed to share and engage on thought leadership in many areas. One of my areas of particular interests are the Olympic and Paralympic Games, since I have been involved within Atos and the Games since the Beijing 2008 Olympic & Paralympic Games. For us, the Olympic Games are the perfect example of human achievement, powered by technology. And, as technologists that have been making it all possible for the last two decades, we’re thrilled to further power progress for the Olympic movement and share the insights into this complex and highly visible project.

  • Muriël Van Mameren

    While I was searching on the net I have found the Ascent Magazine on atos.net. Just browse to http://bit.ly/1aXyNFT

  • Marianne Hewlett

    Nice article about Hypersapiens. Indeed our devices will ensure we are always “on”, but fortunately as human beings we have the choice to switch off and tune into (real) life 🙂

  • I was also involved on the management/planning/sports/human level at this most recent London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Yes, I watched 1st hand how the power of technology has inevitably changed the way everything is done, measured, reported . . . The fact that the number of networked, connected devices overtook the global population in 2011 is astonishing. I think that we “hypersapiens” should make sure we continually benefit from the ultra-connected world that we live in, but absolutely monitor it’s effects making sure that we are not dominated by the technology as humans. This is a BIG topic with equally BIG consequences on our future. Personally, I will continue monitoring the benefits and disadvantages between technology/devices/connectivity and “us” in my day-to-day collaboration as a businessman, strategist, management consultant, and user of devices and technology. Hopefully sharing some of what I know and experience now and at future Olympic & Parylmpic Games (Rio 2016) and in other professional / personal projects. Good going to some sports coaches for banning personal devices on the pitch during training and competitions!